Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Now that you have a beautiful Website, it doesn’t mean “You’re Set”…
It’s just sitting on some server somewhere ONLY being shown to people who KNOW your domain name and actually type it into an address bar (Friends, relatives and referrals) - and that’s good, but that’s not enough!
You NOW need to MARKET your Website to people who are specifically looking for your business/services online.

Best SEO Companies in San Diego

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is another way in which to market your website onto Front Page Google, Yahoo and SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.

There are thousands of SEO companies working with thousands of people in your industry with websites all competing for about 10 spots on front page Google, Yahoo and  search results. It is a very difficult task, with no guarantees.

Google, Yahoo and make all their revenue from PPC. They do not want anyone or any website monopolizing their front page search results for free. So, they are constantly changing their “algorithms” (or “secret ingredients/criteria”) to get there on a daily basis. It’s up to SEO companies to work on your website and figure out the “criteria of the day” to get you there. If ANY SEO PROMISES/GUARANTEES  you  front page placement- that is a RED FLAG. In SEO, unfortunately, there are no guarantees, because this is Google, Yahoo and Bing’s products we are all trying to get you on. And they can change ANYTHING and ANYTIME they choose.

That said, we have a 92% success rate of getting YOUR website to the first page of Google, Yahoo and within 2- 6 months for keywords/keyword phrases and targets of your choice for a set monthly budget.

The monthly budget/cost will be custom to you. We will take into consideration where your website is currently appearing, who your competitors are for those specific keywords and cities, and how much work will be required to get you to first page search results.
After the 6 months, you can switch out the keywords and cities to new ones or come down to a maintenance fee (that will be determined at the end of 6 months).

Advantages of  SEO:
Your site will appear in the “Organic” or “Natural “ search results area (more credible?)
Unlimited Visits (Clicks) to your website at no extra charge.
Set Monthly fee
6 Month Contract

Search Engine Optimization

Overall process of  SEO:
On Page Optimization : Content, Keywords, Photos,  Anchor Link Texts, Videos
Off Page Optimization: BackLinks, Directory Submissions,  Articles, News Releases, Videos, Social Media
Monthly Ranking Reports 
Analytics (Website Traffic Reports)

 Pay Per Click



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